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Partnership across boarders

The demand for servomotors and standard motors IE4 / IE5 for machine manufacturing and automation industry is growing worldwide and long-dated. This growth in number of pieces is going along with increasing requirements regarding motor technology, dynamic, energy saving, solutions covering special requests up to the difficult field of production costs.

In addition to the technologic topics there is the sophisticated theme of marketing. An optimal structure in manufacturing and a customer focused distribution is the stroke of business where partners met each other.

Prepared for the future

The up to date communication medium is vanishing the difference of distances and it is of no importance if the closes colleagues are located at a 200 m far away business premises or 1000 km far away in another European country.

Transport logistics are organized in a manner that our customers receive the servomotors directly delivered out of the production. IE4 / IE5 Super Premium Standard Motors are partially on stock. Here too, we feel the advantages in transport time and costs originating from a growing Europe.