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Synchronous Servomotors

The synchronous servomotors of the series MN, MT and MTK are brushless permanent magnet synchronous servomotors with sinusoidal back EMF and with neodym permanent magnets at the rotor. Therefore they are particulary suitable for high-quality servo applications. For example positioning demanding high standards of dynamic and accuracy.

The Allrounder – Series MN

The new concept of the MN series optimizes the heat dissipation and improves the magnetic flux inside the motor. The modern segment winding technology with also reduced size of lamination accomplishes a servomotor with an outstanding ratio of torque/volume-content. 


Stall Torque [Mo]: 0,28Nm – 60,0Nm

DC Bus Voltage [Udc]: 320V / 560V

Flange: 55mm – 190mm

The Powerful – Series MT

The brushless synchronous servomotors with 6-pole stator are constructed and designed completely new. The modern concept of the magnetic circuit, winding and isolation creates torque reserves and increases the lifetime considerably.

Stall Torque [Mo]: 0,1Nm – 115,0Nm

DC Bus Voltage [Udc]: 320V / 560V

Flange: 37mm – 240mm

The Compact – Series MTK

The brushless synchronous servomotors with 6-pole stator are based on series MT and are characterized by a very compact design. The shortened servomotors are ideal for applications with limited space capacities.

Stall Torque [Mo]: 1,0Nm – 18,5Nm

DC Bus Voltage [Udc]: 320V / 560V

Flange: 98mm – 190mm

Standard Design

2-pole resolver feedback / receptacles, straight , 1″ / Flange B5 / Thermal protection PTC / Protection class IP65 / plain shaft / RAL 9005

Options and Equipment

Further options and equipment are available on request. Maybe options and non-standard equipment can have an effect on the dimensions of the motors. We therefore recommend to consult about it with us before ordering.